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 Our team is like a family we are a close-knit operating system.  We have over 100 years combine experience,  and three generations in the business.  Special Services will guarantee our services, We stand behind our staff and our team. Thank you. 

Captain McCoy Sharp

Head of Special Clients Services Division

Captain McCoy Sharp of Special Services Tactical. SST has employed McCoy with Special Services and its sister agency since 2009,

McCoy is in charge of  SPECIAL CLIENTS SERVICES DIVISION. He  maintains and runs day to day operations for medical facilities and other outside of the box Operations.  McCoy is also in charge of hiring and maintaining his own elite staff to protect clients in specialized fields.

Bobbi Jo Racheter

Supervisor Production & Special Events Team

Bobbi Jo Racheter came to our Team with ten years of Administrative skills and  iserves as our deputy chief of security.


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We’re committed to providing the highest-quality compensation and working environment in the industry.

Special Services Tactical is a security agency specializing in tactical security. Our team is equipped to handle small and large clients alike.  We are an agency that can be tailored to meet any need, as we serve an array of clients.  Our team is like a family.  We are a close-knit operating system.  We have over 100 years combined experience, and three generations in the business.  We stand behind our staff and our team. If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for please click HERE. Thank you. 

Armed and unarmed  security officers are trained in providing security for high-rise buildings, corporate centers and industrial complexes. as well as shopping centers, retail stores and residential communities. From perimeter detail security,  to access control, CCTV monitoring, reception services, fire alarm monitoring and responding to emergencies, our agency has a security solution for every business and manager need. 

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